Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Early Access

On January 17, 2014, Fifth Third Bank announced that it will no longer offer new customers its Early Access deposit advance service after January 31, 2014. In addition, Early Access will be discontinued for all customers by the end of 2014. Existing customers already enrolled in Early Access prior to February 1, 2014 will notice no change to their Early Access feature and all product Terms & Conditions will continue to apply.

Fifth Third Bank is committed to the development of alternative solutions and services for our customers that provide you choices. For more information related to Fifth Third Bank's Early Access Service please view the News Release.

For Current Users

  • Once you take an Advance, funds are available in your Associated Checking Account subject to the applicable cut-off time.
  • Eligible customers can take an Advance and check balances conveniently:
  • Your Fifth Third Early Access Advance is limited to half of your combined monthly direct deposits of $100 or more. The Advance limit is rounded up to the next multiple of $50, but it cannot exceed $750 when monthly deposits are less than $2,000 or cannot exceed $1,000 when monthly deposits are equal to or exceed $2,000. Calculations are based on a 3-month moving average, so if the direct deposit activity changes, the Advance limit will also change.
  • See the Fifth Third Early Access Terms and Conditions and the Early Access Frequently Asked Questions for even more information about this checking account feature.


Fifth Third Early Access is an expensive form of credit and should only be used in situations where you need funds quickly and you do not have access to less expensive forms of credit.

Subject to cut-off times. Funds advanced via Internet Banking or our automated customer service line after 9:00 PM Eastern Time will be immediately available for withdrawal. However, the amount will not be available to cover items on that day and will be included within the following day's account activity.

Please note: Fifth Third Early Access is available only to eligible customers in OH, KY, TN, MI, IL, FL, IN, or MO

Subject to Early Access Terms and Conditions