Investment Management

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For over 100 years, we’ve been helping high net-worth individuals and families meet their investment goals. And we can help you too.

Over $35 billion in assets under management*

More than 100 analysts, strategists and portfolio managers

Comprehensive investment management solutions for individual and institutional clients

Expert guidance, experienced money management and personalized service

Our Dynamic Investment Process

At Fifth Third, we believe that investment success is not random. Our comprehensive investment process combines our longer-term thinking with proactive attention to shorter-term strategic trends and market movements. Whether you are looking for investments that help put you on the path to retirement, or looking to just start out, our process can get you where you want to go.

By working with a highly-credentialed portfolio management team, your dedicated portfolio manager can bring you the best ideas to help maximize your wealth.


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An Array of Investments

Our open architecture and high-conviction approach provides broad flexibility to our portfolio managers, enabling them to create customized client portfolios.

  • Access to internal and external capabilities
  • Limited number of active and passive “best in class” solutions
  • Emphasizes managers that complement rather than overlap
  • Tax sensitive options
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The Portfolio Management Team

A collaborative approach to portfolio management gives you sophisticated solutions and expert advice from Private Bank's best minds. Your Portfolio Management team will provide customized insights to help meet your short-term and long-term financial needs.

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Thought Leadership

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We are here to help

With your financial goals in mind, your dedicated advisor can assist with investment solutions to help preserve your wealth, increase your assets, protect your business, and help leave a lasting legacy.
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