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Fifth Third Private Banking Services

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Key Benefits of Private Bank Checking Account

The Private Bank Checking Account1 includes several benefits that are exclusive to Fifth Third Private Bank clients.

  • Complimentary Automatic Payments
  • Complimentary Cashier's Checks**** (up to 4 per month)
  • Complimentary Standard Checks (Custom checks 50% discount)
  • Premium Interest APY11 Available (Refer to rate sheet for specific information)
  • Non-Fifth Third ATM Transaction Fees (Fees from other ATM network owners will be rebated up to 10 times per month. There is no charge from Fifth Third for using other banks’ ATMs)
  • Complimentary Safe Deposit Box (One box, any size, based on availability)
  • Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee12 Waived (Enrollment required—fees still apply for each occurrence of an overdraft)
  • Paperless Statements
  • Consolidated Statements (Can be combined with the Fifth Third Bank savings account
  • Complimentary Wire Transfer (Domestic and International; Incoming and Outgoing)

****Additional fees may apply. Refer to the full Deposit Account Rules and Regulations and Private Bank Client Personal Account Product Disclosures and Fee Information, located on 53.com, for complete information.

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Fifth Third Private Bank Lending Services

Fifth Third Private Bank offers a variety of lending4 and credit4 options to meet your financing needs.

Options include:

  • Personal lines of credit secured by your investments20
  • Specialized loans for larger purchases, including marine, aircraft and investor real estate loans with unique underwriting criteria17
  • Home equity line of credit with convenient access through 53.com26 or equity checks4

As a client of Fifth Third Private Bank, you may be eligible for relationship-based loan pricing. For every situation and goal, we offer specialized solutions that can meet your needs.


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Flexible Mortgage Solutions

Fifth Third Private Bank offers several mortgages17 with competitive pricing and flexible structuring options. As a client, you may also be eligible for special interest rates and discounted fees.19

Mortgage options include:

  • Conventional, jumbo, conforming super-jumbo, fixed, adjustable18, or customized-rate mortgages
  • Customized solutions19 and tailored financing, depending on your needs and project20
  • Bridge loans to help close the gap between the purchase of a new home and the sale of an existing one.

In addition, our personalized closing process gives you the opportunity to close your mortgage quickly.


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Exclusive Fifth Third Private Bank Mastercard®4

The Fifth Third Private Bank Mastercard® is the premier credit card for clients of the Private Bank. This prestigious card offers a competitive Annual Percentage Rate (APR), no annual fee, a 2% Cash Back program24, and no international transaction fees25 on credit card purchases.4,5

Other Mastercard® benefits include:

  • Travel benefits5
  • Mastercard Concierge assistance with dining, travel, hotel, entertainment, and sporting events6
  • Cell Phone Protection5
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance10
  • Unlimited free two-day shipping and free return shipping on purchases at more than 140 online stores5
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance
  • Robust rewards program

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Complimentary Fifth Third Identity Alert®3

Every Fifth Third Private Banking client is eligible for complimentary Identity Alert services. Fifth Third Identity Alert provides comprehensive identity theft protection and insurance for you and your family.

Standard Protection includes:

  • Daily credit monitoring13
  • Monthly triple bureau credit reports14 and VantageScore credit scores15
  • Social Security number monitoring8
  • Up to $25,000 identity theft insurance9
  • Email and text alerts16

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