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Individual Life Insurance

Protecting Your Family

When you have worked hard to create a comfortable life for your family, you want to help protect them and the way they live with life insurance coverage, disability coverage, and long-term care insurance.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Fifth Third can help you establish a wealth transfer and charitable giving strategy as part of your estate plan.

Ensuring You Get the Care You Need

As life expectancy rises, so does the possibility that you may need long-term care in your later years. Long-term care insurance can help reduce the financial burden of in-home care, assisted living, hospice, and nursing home residency.

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Business Owner Insurance

Business Succession Planning

When operating a business, it is important to plan for the future. A solid succession plan can simplify a difficult transition period and ensure that everyone involved is treated fairly.

Keeping Your Business Going

Fifth Third can help prepare your business to weather unforeseen circumstances—such as the loss of a key employee. Insurance for business owners can help you manage your business risk and help protect your business from the unknown.

Retaining Key Employees

A competitive benefits package is important for recruiting and retaining the most talented employees. Fifth Third professionals can help you determine which benefits make sense for you and your employees.

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Our Insurance Process

Our comprehensive insurance process helps keep your assets protected with six important steps.


Assess Your Situation

  • Examine your overall financial picture
  • Uncover any changes in your circumstances
  • Determine your specific insurance needs

Review Your Current Coverage

  • Make sure current policies are not at risk of lapsing
  • Check designation of your beneficiaries
  • Help determine if the right amount and type of insurance is in place for your specific needs

Design a Plan

  • Help to identify insurance needs currently unmet or incorrectly addressed
  • Develop insurance recommendations

Present Recommended Plans

  • Solicit proposals from a range of carriers to find the most appropriate insurance coverage for you
  • Review selected policies as part of your integrated wealth plan

Manage Policy Process

  • Negotiate with carriers on your behalf
  • Work with providers to complete underwriting process


  • Meet with you regularly to remain current on any changes to your circumstances
  • Review and update your insurance plan as needed

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