Health Savings Account

What is an HSA?

An HSA is a pre-tax savings account that can be used for a variety of medical costs, including qualified deductibles and copayments. Money from HSA funds can be used in conjunction with eligible high-deductible insurance plans.

Fifth Third Bank is working with HealthEquity to offer you access to the largest non-bank custodian of Health Savings Accounts. Whether you’re an employer or individual, we’re here to help you manage savings for medical expenses and plan for the future.

Your savings can add up fast
for example:

HSA contribution


potential tax savings2

Employers and Individuals

HSA Benefits

An HSA paired with an HSA-qualified health plan empowers you to invest in your healthcare and create long-term savings for unexpected medical costs and more. Check out these common Health Savings Account benefits:

graph icon Maximize tax savings

Enjoy tax-deductible contributions, tax-free earnings, and tax-free distribution of qualified expenses.

prescription bottle icon Pay for healthcare

HSAs cover thousands of qualified medical expenses, including doctor visits and over-the-counter medications.

money cycle icon Roll over funds

Keep your HSA dollars year after year—even if you change employers or health plans. Funds never expire.

piggy bank icon Save for retirement

An HSA works like a second 401(k). Invest2 your money in low-cost mutual funds and build the ultimate retirement nest egg

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Employer HSA Benefits

Improve employee retention with competitive benefit plans that include HSAs. From lower employee premiums to tax savings benefits, connect with us to learn more and get started.

Health Savings Account FAQs

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Get the Most from Your HSA

Every dollar you contribute to an HSA and spend on eligible health and medical expenses is pre-tax, meaning you can essentially pay your medical bills with pre-tax money. Those are significant savings, no matter what tax bracket you're in.

Set Up Early for Retirement Success

It’s never too early to begin setting yourself up for retirement—and getting started is easier than you think. Here are three different types of retirement savings vehicles that you can set up now and watch them grow into the future.

The HSA: Another Retirement Savings Tool

Health savings accounts (HSA) are a versatile savings vehicle, including being able to be used for additional retirement savings.