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Credit Solutions

Knowing how and when to use credit in your portfolio can provide options and give you the flexibility to lend against other unique collateral, stay invested in the market, restructure your debt, and improve your negotiation power. 

For clients looking to diversify their investment portfolio by adding income producing properties, your Private Banker can help guide you through the process so you can make the most of your acquisition. Purchasing, refinancing or leveraging the equity in a commercial property is also available. 

From complex personal lending needs to business lines and loans, we’ll work closely with you to offer guidance and get to the heart of your financial picture so we can better serve your specific needs. 

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We offer a variety of specialized loan solutions, including:

  • Mortgage solutions for financing or refinancing your home, new construction and vacation properties, and a variety of options, including traditional, jumbo, super-jumbo and equity mortgages.1
  • A home equity line of credit for home improvements, education expenses, or other needs, with convenient access via online banking or equity checks and the potential for tax-deductible interest.1,2
  • An investment-secured line of credit with flexible financing and repayment options to finance larger projects or investments, while allowing you to stay invested in the market and maintain liquidity.1
  • Specialized loan servicing for your larger purchases, including marine loans, aircraft loans, and investor real estate loans.1

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We are here to help

With your financial goals in mind, your dedicated advisor can assist with investment solutions to help preserve your wealth, increase your assets, protect your business, and help leave a lasting legacy.
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