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A Business Owner’s Perspective on Selling a Middle Market Company

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Helping business owners plan for and navigate transition.

While it may seem like the last box to check, preparing well in advance for your business transition optimizes your financial and business outcome. This is true whether your transition involves selling to employees, an outside buyer or passing it onto the next generation of the family. As a business owner, you owe it to yourself, your family, employees and customers to plan ahead.

Business transitions are inevitable.


have transitioned in the past five years or will transition in the next five years.

have done nothing to prepare for transition.

who prepare for their transition, only spend a year doing so.

Owners are often missing an advisor who can link advice from external and internal specialists, thus creating more risk.

* National Center for the Middle Market Survey

Leveraging an in-depth discovery, data gathering, analytical and educational framework, our Business Transition Advisory Team meets you where you are in the process and helps you with the personal planning process as well as the business transition.

Personal Planning Process

  • Financial planning
  • Planning for life after exit
  • Family roles and succession
  • Tax optimization
  • Legacy and Estate Planning Education and Advisor Coordination


Business Transition

  • Assess value
  • Employee communication
  • Improved efficiency
  • Legal paperwork organization
  • Financials audited
  • Assess risk

At Fifth Third Private Bank, our focus is firmly centered on you.

  • Your business and personal needs can be addressed by a fluid and coordinated approach among our teammates.
  • Your personal goals define the transition objectives, and we provide you with analysis on how your choices align.
  • Our team works together with you and your outside advisors to gather information and coordinate processes.
  • Our integrated approach seeks to guide and facilitate the implementation of our recommendations.

Meet the Team

Headshot of Frieda Rakhman

Frieda Rakhman
Senior Vice President,
Managing Director,
Strategic Client Development

Frieda leads the Business Transition Advisory Team and uses a holistic One Bank advisory approach to optimize business owners’ personal and financial readiness when considering a transition.

  • Frieda has more than 20 years of experience working with business owners contemplating a transition
  • Areas of expertise include: wealth and practice management consulting, portfolio management, client service and business development

Headshot of Morgan Luddeke

Morgan Luddeke
Vice President,
Business Transition Advisor

Morgan serves as Director and Business Transition Advisor and is dedicated to working with business owners and their families to design and execute all personal wealth planning needs associated with a business transition.

  • Morgan has extensive experience providing comprehensive wealth planning solutions to individuals, families, business owners, and complexity due to success, wealth accumulation, and inheritance
  • Area of expertise include: family legacy planning through estate and trust planning, tax optimization, family governance, philanthropy and generational wealth management

Headshot of Lisa Mullaney

Lisa Mullaney
Vice President,
Strategic Client Development

Lisa serves as Director of Strategic Client Development for the Business Transition Advisory Team and helps business owners navigate through the transition/sale process, focusing on both the personal and financial impacts before and after transition.

  • Lisa has worked in financial services for 20+ years and has broad experience across wealth management, including strategic development of multi-generational families and established foundations and institutions
  • Areas of expertise include: estate planning, portfolio management, balance sheet optimization, debt strategies, business sales and divorce protection

Headshot of Sean Obermeyer

Sean Obermeyer
Vice President,
Business Transition Advisor

Sean serves as Director, Business Transition Advisor and helps business owners navigate through the business transition process. By focusing on the business owner and their family, Sean is able to provide comprehensive family legacy planning.

  • Sean has extensive experience delivering comprehensive wealth planning solutions for individuals, families, business owners and corporate executives who experience complexity due to success, wealth accumulation or inheritance
  • Areas of expertise include: family legacy planning through estate and trust planning, tax optimization, family governance, philanthropy and generational wealth management

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