Asset-Based Lending

About Fifth Third Business Capital

Fifth Third Business Capital provides creative asset-based financing to companies nationwide, primarily with needs related to acquisitions, dividend recapitalizations, growth, debt restructurings, and turnarounds.

Fifth Third Business Capital provides flexible structures that include revolving lines of credit supported by accounts receivable and inventory, and term loans supported by equipment and real estate.

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General Lending Parameters

  • Loan commitments
  • $5,000,000 and up
  • Dedicated syndication capabilities



  • Up to 85% of eligible accounts receivable
  • Up to 60% of eligible inventory with higher advance rates available based upon appraisal and to meet seasonal needs

Term Loans

  • Up to 85% of net orderly liquidation value of equipment
  • Up to 80% of appraised fair market value of real estate
  • Capital expenditure facilities available to finance new equipment purchases


  • Up to 7 years — equipment loans
  • Up to 15 years — real estate loans

Our Expertise in Asset-Based Lending

Fifth Third Bank offers asset-based lending as a financing alternative for companies that are asset-rich and looking to increase or maximize their borrowing capacity. Whether you are a large corporation or middle-market company, when you choose asset-based financing with Fifth Third, you can look forward to:

  • A consultative approach to finding financial solutions
  • Lending for a broad spectrum of business opportunities:
    • Growth
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Refinancing or recapitalization
    • Turnaround facilities
  • ABL solutions for businesses with revenues from $25 million and up
  • Facility sizes from $5 million and up
  • Ability to provide financing based on an array of assets from traditional working capital to fixed assets and intangibles
  • Footprint that covers the entire United States and Canada

Industries We Serve

Our Industry Focus includes manufacturers, distributors, selected service companies with sales generally from $25 million and up.

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