Fifth Third Expert AR: Print Services+

Revolutionize your critical billing communications

Expert AR Print Services+ provides complete control over preparing, modifying and distributing electronic and mailed billing statements, compliance letters, and confirmations—all on a single, automated platform.

Automate and manage every step

Using next-generation technology, the Expert AR Print Services+ platform integrates seamlessly with our print and mail services, enabling you to automate and manage every step from your desktop:

  • Review documents
  • Secure sign-offs
  • Make disclosure changes
  • Track distribution
  • Generate reports
  • Create audit trails
  • Archive or record retention

You also can automate and manage secure opt-in for electronic delivery and return mail processing.

How it works

There’s no need to work with multiple vendors. Expert AR Print Services+ takes care of everything, from data exchange to statement delivery.

  1. You extract your statement data from your ERP Application
  2. Fifth Third loads your statement data into Expert AR Print Services+
  3. Fifth Third delivers your statements to your clients on your behalf

One platform. Many benefits.

  • Streamline and save money with a single platform that enables you to make updates without the need of outside vendors.
  • Reduce risk and complexity through superior version control and automated workflows.
  • Enhance customer service with faster production times and real-time reporting.

Learn how you can take control of your statement process: