Making a deposit?

Deposits, made simple, secure and convenient.

If you receive regular income, our direct deposit service offers security, convenience and control.* You can set up direct deposit for up to two Fifth Third checking or savings accounts and decide how much of your check is deposited into each account.

  • Access your money sooner
    • Get your paycheck up to two days early with Fifth Third Early Pay, available with Fifth Third Momentum Checking1
  • Save time
  • Skip trips to the bank
  • Access your money sooner
  • Safely deposit your money directly into your designated account(s)

Setting up direct deposit is easy. Here’s how:

2. Fill out the form and staple a voided Fifth Third check to it.



Your routing number is the first set of numbers printed on the bottom left of your Fifth Third checks.

Your account number is the next set of numbers to the right of your routing number.

Account and routing numbers are also viewable through mobile and online banking. See how.

For a voided check, write “VOID” across a blank check.

3. Give the completed form to the company making the direct deposit.

For payroll direct deposit, give the form to your HR contact.

Make a deposit today—and skip the teller line.