Fifth Third Early Pay

Early Pay Alert.

For the 9-5ers, gig workers and everyone in between.

You work hard for your money, and we can help you get it sooner—however you earn it. No more waiting for "payment processing." All you need is direct deposit with your Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account.1

For more information about how Fifth Third Momentum® Banking supports gig workers, click here.

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Early Pay for Federal Tax Refunds

When we talk about getting your money early, we don’t just mean your paychecks. Early Pay can now help you get your Federal Tax Refund up to 5 days early—just use your Fifth Third Momentum® Checking account and routing number to direct deposit your refund when you file.1 No fees and no enrollment required.

Don’t have a Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account? It’s easy to open one.

Woman holding a cup of coffee and mobile phone, setting up Early Pay for her federal tax refund with Fifth Third Momentum Checking account.

Everything else you’d want to know about Early Pay.

Don't have direct deposit?

We've got you covered. Three simple steps and you're on your way to an earlier payday:

  1. Download our Direct Deposit Authorization Form.
  2. Fill out the form and staple a voided Fifth Third check to it.
    For a voided check, write "VOID" across a blank check.
  3. Give the completed form to the company making the direct deposit.
    For payroll direct deposit, give the form to your HR contact.
For more information on setting up and managing direct deposits, visit our direct deposit page.