Mortgage Payment Assistance

NOTE: If you’re applying for mortgage hardship assistance, please click here.

If you need help with mortgage payments, Fifth Third Bank provides mortgage payment assistance through our Homeowners Assistance Program. We understand unexpected events happen that can make it difficult to make your mortgage payments such as job loss, illness, or major life events. Fifth Third Bank wants to help guide you through the resolution process.

Our specially trained and knowledgeable Customer Care Specialists are available to answer questions, concerns, and provide support. Whether you are struggling to make payments due to an unforeseen circumstance or simply wish to refinance, we have the solutions to help with your mortgage payments.

Need Mortgage Payment Assistance?

  • A forbearance which provides temporary payment relief
  • A modification which will modify the terms of your loan
  • A short-sale of which the net proceeds from selling the property will be less than what is owed
  • Homeowner Reemployment through NextJob

Contact a Customer Care Specialist at 1-855-736-4578.


Refinancing can lower your mortgage payments. However, it does not eliminate your debt.

Refinancing can help you:

  • Consolidate debt into one mortgage that may level out or reduce your payments
  • Reduce the terms of your mortgage for faster home ownership
  • Change the type of loan you have
  • Give you cash from your home’s equity 



Homeowner Reemployment

Facing unemployment and having a mortgage is difficult. Fifth Third Bank is proud to partner with NextJob in an innovative solution to help mortgage borrowers find jobs. Mortgage borrowers who are at risk of default may receive NextJob services fully paid for by Fifth Third.

NextJob will work with customers in three ways:

  • One-on-one job coaching
  • Access to job search software and training
  • Access to weekly webinars on job searching



Mortgage Payment Assistance FAQs

Please contact one of our Customer Care Specialists at 1-855-736-4578 to learn more about your options or for instructions on how to apply. Our Customer Care Specialists are available 8:00am to 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday.

To begin the application process online for your mortgage or home equity loan, click here.

To apply for assistance on your auto loan or credit card, click here.

You may also contact a Customer Care Specialist at:
Fifth Third Bank
Customer Care Department
5001 Kingsley Drive MD 1MOB19
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Fax: 513-358-8786

For additional help exploring your options, the Federal government provides contact information for housing counselors, which you can access by contacting the Department of Housing and Urban Development; or by calling HUD at 1-800-569-4287.

The Homeowners Assistance Program is designed to help borrowers just like you and we are here to help. Please call us today to discuss your options.

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