Take charge of your financial future with mutual funds.

Build your mutual fund portfolio with Fifth Third.

Fifth Third Securities makes it easy to build a diversified portfolio with over 10,000 mutual funds for all types of investors. With our team’s comprehensive research, we take the guesswork out of building a portfolio with the convenience and experience you can always expect from Fifth Third. Get in touch with a Fifth Third Securities Financial Professional to determine what types of mutual funds are right for you.

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a professionally-managed investment vehicle made up of securities that could include a mix of domestic and international stocks, bonds, real estate, money market instruments, and other similar assets. Investing in a mutual fund allows you to own many assets at once so you can easily build a diversified portfolio with professional management.

How Mutual Funds Work

When you invest in a mutual fund, your money is pooled with other investors to purchase shares of different securities. Funds have different investment objectives, and the securities in the portfolio are tailored to meet the objective. Mutual funds are professionally invested and managed so you don’t have to worry about tracking individual securities. Each shareholder may earn interest or dividends from the pool of assets the mutual fund is invested in. When you build your mutual fund portfolio with Fifth Third, you will work collaboratively with a Fifth Third financial professional to choose funds designed to achieve your individual goals.

Risk vs. Reward

Mutual funds allow you to lower your investment risk through diversification. If one of your securities performs poorly, the impact is offset by all the other securities in your fund. While the investment risk is lowered, mutual funds are not completely risk-free. When deciding what mutual funds to invest in, you need to consider the risk versus return level, research the funds available through Fifth Third Securities, and carefully read the prospectus for information on fees and potential risks.

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