Fifth Third Bank Expert AR Receivables Matching

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Your New Partner in Receivables

Labor-intensive receivables matching can cost you money and time, especially in the transition toward electronic invoicing. The intricacies of manual processing make it slow and error-prone, lowering your cash position by increasing Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Partner with Fifth Third Bank for a solution that augments your current ERP system to help reduce the cost and risks associated with manual payment matching and posting. Expert AR Receivables Matching gathers your payment types into one centralized location and utilizes the power of machine learning and best-in-class in-line matching for unrivaled control and ease of use.

Unparalleled Efficiency

  • Expert AR Receivables Matching learns from your work to continuously improve straight-through processing rates. This means that once you manually validate a payment exception, future incoming payments from customers that are paid in the same format will have a higher chance of being processed straight-through.
  • Reconcile unmatched payments with a single click using sophisticated matching algorithms
  • Same-day lockbox validation accelerates matching for traditional payments while also accelerating the transition to electronic invoicing
  • Automated matching and a streamlined posting process reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) to improve your cash position
Fifth Third Expert AP

Cut Risks and Improve Reporting

  • Our in-line matching workflow gives you near real-time visibility and the ability to address problems and reject payments before they are credited to your account
  • Replace error-prone manual matching with an automated system that matches using any available data, helping to prevent adjustments and write-offs
  • Historic details of payment resolutions make it easy to address operational issues and improve customer support
Fifth Third Expert AP

See Everything in One Place

  • One workflow for reconciling all payment types, including Lockbox, ACH, and EFT
  • Automatically analyze emails with remittance details, including attachments, to assist in matching
  • Requires only the billing file from your ERP system, allowing you to experience the benefits immediately

Could your company benefit from Expert AR Receivables Matching?

1 >500 payments/month

2 Ability to generate a billing file

3 >5% exceptions

If you have more than 500 account receivable payments per month, with 5% exceptions or more, you could benefit from Expert AR Receivables Matching. By providing a billing file from your ERP system, you can start using our online portal without any complicated software integration.

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