Fraud Mitigation Services

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Protect Your Business from Numerous Forms of Fraud

What is financial risk? It's a risk of losing money when conducting business. Some financial transactions can carry a level of uncertainty and risk in finance for your company’s key stakeholders. Mitigating that financial risk is crucial to your success. Fifth Third Bank has developed comprehensive fraud mitigation services that can help protect the processes that are vital to your operation, so you can focus on growing your business.

Fifth Third Bank Fraud Mitigation Services and tools are backed by our ongoing commitment to advances in technology. We utilize encryption technology to help secure your financial data. We continue to improve and transform our platform to respond to today’s challenges—and ensure that you have the tools you need to mitigate risks.


Explore Our Fraud Mitigation Services

Positive Pay Services

Fifth Third Positive Pay Services can help protect you against paper check and Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud. For checks, our technologically advanced methods will compare check-paid items against issue information to identify discrepancies and ensure that only the checks you issue are paid. Our ACH Positive Pay authorization services provide you with the ability to determine who has access to your account and to what dollar limit they may post transactions against your funds. You can also choose the positive pay option that suits your needs:

  • Payee Name Verification—Helps you mitigate risk because we know exactly what your check information and the payee information should look like
  • Reverse Positive Pay (Client-Maintained Positive Pay) —Lets you maintain your own list of issued checks and maintain control over check returns
  • Teller-maintained Positive Pay—Authorizes tellers at branches to turn away depositors based on verification information you provide

Account Reconciliation (Cash Concentration)


With Fifth Third reconciling your accounts, you can depend on getting fast, accurate information—all with a minimum risk of fraud. In conjunction with Fifth Third Bank’s Cash Concentration services, you’ll have:

  • Help mitigating idle funds at outlying bank branches
  • Increased availability of working capital liquidity
  • Improved cash flow information and control
  • Additional capacity from systematically sweeping balances to a master account

With Fifth Third Direct® you can manage all of your accounts, organize cash, payables, and receivables, and produce reports—all from a single location. You’ll have access to up-to-the-minute information that will allow you to:

  • Access an integrated payments platform—Manage, monitor, and report on payments, as well as initiate ACH transactions, wire transfers, account transfers, and more
  • Manage receivables quickly and easily—Access same-day images of check deposits and lockbox items, and view detailed information on returned deposit items
  • Control exceptions to help reduce fraud—Decide on positive pay exception items, view information on returned deposits, and originate stop payments
  • Manage working capital—View opening, closing, and interim balances; determine your cash position; and make decisions on investments and transfers

We’re constantly on guard, protecting your financial data

Fifth Third Bank’s ongoing commitment to advances in technology means you can count on the latest security and encryption technologies to protect your financial data. We continue to improve and transform our platform to respond to today’s challenges—and ensure that you have the tools you need mitigate risks.

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