Empowering American Cities

Empowering American Cities delivers advanced economic data and intelligence to guide leaders in their pursuit of strong financial performance and sustainable growth. These economic insights empower business owners, investors, public officials and community leaders to put data at the center of their decision-making—driving investment in their companies, their hometowns and across the country.

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Compare Local Data

Visit our interactive dashboard to view your area’s distinct economic strengths and vulnerabilities. Compare your area’s metrics to other cities, including GDP growth forecasts, employment by industry sector and more.

Get a Regional Snapshot

Review an in-depth analysis of 30 metropolitan areas. Each snapshot explores the potential for economic growth based on measures such as local industrial productivity, labor supply, skill level, age distribution of workforce, consumer demand and embedded growth characteristics.

Attend an Event

Don’t miss out on our series of events exploring local economic trends in your area. Browse upcoming events below and register to benefit from expert insights, engaging presentations and regional data.

Benefit From Expert Regional Analysis

Our Empowering American Cities experts provide ongoing analysis of local economic data and identify trends.

Watch as Chief Economists Gerald Cohen and Jeff Korzenik explain how the collaboration can benefit companies and communities across the country.

Chief Economists Analyze Local Data and Identify Trends

Gerald Cohen

  • Chief Economist,
  • Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise

Jeff Korzenik

  • Chief Economist,
  • Fifth Third Commercial Bank

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