Financial Risk Management

Financial Risk Management

We partner with you to identify, quantify, and manage your exposure to direct and indirect financial risks.  Our clients rely on us for insights and solutions to help navigate the headwinds and tailwinds of ever-changing and increasingly volatile markets.

  • Robust analytics to identify and quantify financial risk exposure
  • A unique, partnership-based approach to solutions
  • Seasoned and specialized client-centered teams

We offer a unique combination of services that includes in depth electronic platforms coupled with personalized one on one guidance or solutioning for risk concerns. As a Fifth Third client, you may have the same delivery team for years and frequently interact with our senior leadership team.

Risk Analytics

We provide intelligence to our clients on risks impacting their business, such as interest rate, currency and commodity, coupled with the ability to run analytical tests, like Value at Risk (VAR), sensitivity analysis, and other industry statistic metrics to build a better framework for decision-making.

Foreign Exchange

Fifth Third is a premier foreign trading network, dealing in over 90 currencies worldwide. We assist in identifying your exposure, measuring risk, and establishing a Foreign Exchange strategy to enhance EBITDA and properly manage correlated volatility to help you build and protect your business. You’ll have access to a leading digital platform, Fifth Third Market Trade, making this process fast and easy.

Robert Tull
Robert Tull
  • Managing Director, Head of Financial Risk Management
  • 877-530-6800