Tax Strategies

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With your Fifth Third Private Bank Advisor, you have access to a fully coordinated approach and a vast range of solutions to create a tax planning strategy.

Taxes affect almost all parts of your financial life and can be imposed at the individual, trust, estate, and business levels. To make the most of your money, you may already be using tax-efficient savings vehicles, such as your employer's 401(k) retirement savings plan, IRAs, or annuities. However, you may have other options.

Strategies that work for you


Does your employer compensate you with stock options?

We can help you carefully plan for exercising your options, taking tax considerations into account.


When should you sell your investments?

When it comes to investments, we can help you understand how the timing of your sale can affect your capital gains tax liability.


Are you planning to sell a family business?

The way the sale is structured can greatly affect your taxes. We have Business Owner Strategies that can help.


Do you want to take advantage of gifting strategies to minimize the taxes on your estate or donate a portion of your estate to a philanthropic cause?

We can help you assess your options and determine next steps.

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