Cash Management Solutions

Gain greater control of your cash flow

From helping you collect funds faster to mitigating cash handling risks, we offer a full menu of cash management services to help you manage your cash and payments with greater efficiency. For more information or to tailor cash management solutions to your business needs, please contact your Treasury Management Representative or Relationship Manager.

Liquidity Management

Manage Excess Cash With Liquidity Management Solutions.


Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) 

Automatically and cost-efficiently consolidate deposits made at any Fifth Third location into a single concentration account. ZBAs enable you to effectively manage your daily cash position by reducing excess balances while retaining distinct information and audit trails on transaction activity.

Investment Sweep

Maximizes excess balances by automatically sweeping those balances into a short-term, interest-earning, investment vehicle.

Credit Sweep

Collected funds in excess of a predetermined target balance are automatically swept out of any checking account and are used to offset an outstanding loan. Additionally, funds if available can be drawn down on the loan to fund the balance needs of the checking account when applicable.


Manage Income With Receivables Solutions. 


Cash Vault Services

Maximizes safety, convenience, accuracy, and efficiency through a streamlined method for cash processing with over 100 vault locations. Cash Vault Service aligns best for businesses that handle large volumes of currency and coin and utilize armored courier services.

Currency Processing Solutions (CPS)

Currency Processing Solutions provide businesses with a cash handling tool to increase efficiency, save time, and decrease the risk of loss. CPS helps automate the overall cash-handling process, from payment collection to deposits to crediting the account. It also provides daily provisional credit, delivering faster access to funds (even while cash is still in the safe) in a managed service solution.

ACH Receivables

Collect funds from your customers through the ACH network directly into your bank account. Process internet payments or convert paper checks to electronic funds transfer.


Lockbox enables your customers to send payments to one or more post office boxes. Our operations teams will collect and deposit the payments into your company’s account. Then, we’ll send reporting to you to update your accounts receivable records.

Biller Direct

Providing a simple way to offer more payment options, Biller Direct can help you lower costs, improve cash flow, reduce late payments—and enhance your customers’ experience. Our electronic bill presentment and payment solution enables you to accept payments online, by phone, or via mobile device.

Return Management Solutions

  • Returns Management: This online module through Fifth Third Direct® enables you to view current and historical return items in detail.
  • Paper Representments: Collects the value of the check by redepositing a second time.


Make Payments with Payables Solutions

ACH Payables

ACH Payables is used to electronically make payments. It is ideal for repeat payables, such as supplier payments, employee payroll, shareholder payables and tax obligations.


Receive invoices and send payments electronically to your suppliers who enroll on the ViewPost network.

Wire Transfer

Have your funds precisely when and where you need them. With a Fifth Third Bank Wire Transfer, you can initiate, manage, and track all your fund transfers through Fifth Third DirectSM, your secure online portal.

Payroll Services

Make your day-to-day business processes more efficient. Our payroll services through Paycor® offer a comprehensive payroll system that, coupled with banking services from Fifth Third Bank, can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs—and save you valuable time.

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