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Sibcy Cline Expert AP Testimonial

Watch how AP automation simplified payables processing for Sibcy Cline.

“Going on to Expert AP, we had seen significant cost savings.”

-Sibcy Cline

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Expert AP

It’s Easy to Adopt an Automated AP System

We understand the decision to integrate a new software to manage accounts payables into your existing systems can seem like a leap of faith. That’s why we’ve searched for the right technology and partners to deliver you a robust AP system for payables management.

We’re leveraging the technology of AvidXchangeTM and the resources of Mastercard® to offer an accounts payable solution that can be adopted quickly and seamlessly. Expert AP can have an immediate impact on your organization’s efficiency and bottom line.

Save Money

  • Reduce the manual AP processes that can cost up to 2.5X more per transaction than an automated system
  • Leverage advanced technology that boosts your defense against fraud

Strengthen Supplier Relationships

  • Identify the preferred payment methods of suppliers and deliver those payments more efficiently

Spend More Time on Strategy

  • Free up your employees from working on low-level tasks through automation

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A Trusted Solution

Fifth Third Expert AP is:

  • Part of a complete Treasury Management strategy.
  • To control variables across your accounting processes, you need efficient systems that work in tandem to cut out redundancies and optimize cash flow. Talk with Fifth Third to see how Expert AP fits into your larger strategy.
  • Thoroughly researched and vetted.
  • We identified your need for an effective, forward-thinking solution that allows you to maintain the controls and functionality crucial for success, conducting an exhaustive search for the right partners to deliver that solution.
  • An innovative, technology-forward solution.

Expert AP introduces an intelligent, intuitive process that gives you both control and options in one sophisticated platform

Quick and Seamless Implementation

As critical as AP automation is for effective Treasury Management, we understand the complexities it poses for your organization. IT resources, supplier relationships, and cash flow are just some of the considerations in software adoption.

Expert AP can be implemented in as little as 45 days. Thanks to a streamlined process, comprehensive training materials, and user-friendly software, your Accounts Payable team can quickly be working on one automated platform, and your business can be focused on what’s next.

A Single Platform for Multiple Payment Types

Fifth Third Expert AP is the software that streamlines the entire AP process, integrates with other systems, and gives you more control than ever.

This single platform:

  • Covers 100% of your domestic payables and can help you optimize the payment mix.
  • Simplifies the AP process with electronic invoice capture and software that’s integrated into your current systems.
  • Allows for better engagement with your suppliers by identifying their preferred payment method to deliver payments efficiently.
  • Lets you see the fuller payables picture through in-depth reports.
  • Increases accountability throughout the entire process.

Contact your Treasury Management Officer today to adopt AP automation with confidence.

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