Equity Compensation Strategies

Stock and equity strategies to help make the most of your options.

If you're a senior executive, you may receive a large part of your compensation as stock options. As a result, your investment portfolio may be highly concentrated in a specific holding and within a particular industry. You may benefit from stock option strategies designed to help you diversify and protect your portfolio from concentration risk.

Diversifying a concentrated portfolio

After a distinguished 40-year career, it was time for John to leave his position as chief counsel for a major manufacturing company and enjoy retirement with his family.

Like many senior executives, John’s portfolio contained a concentrated stock position. He wanted to restructure his portfolio to achieve greater diversification and develop an estate plan to help ensure that his children and grandchildren are provided for in the future.

Fifth Third Private Bank worked with him to diversify his low-basis stock while minimizing tax exposure. Together they also created an estate plan, which will provide generously for his wife in her lifetime, while protecting his legacy for future generations.

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An equity compensation plan can be an intelligent approach for building wealth

The key is to understand and handle it correctly. No matter how well you understand stock options, we can help you take into account your tax exposure, gain certainty in your particular plan, and make strategic decisions to diversify your holdings.1 Our professionals will keep in mind your threshold for risk and your future goals as we help you determine ways to maximize your options.

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