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Many healthcare providers in the U.S. have an opportunity to modernize by transitioning from manual to automated processes for reconciling healthcare remittances with deposits. With intelligent data automation, we’re helping our customers streamline their payment process and seamlessly navigate the complex healthcare payment data landscape.

Automated Healthcare Payment & Remittance

Our suite of solutions can reduce days of labor-intensive work to just a few minutes. We can help your organization increase access to working capital, shorten the associated revenue cycle and significantly decrease manual processing costs. Get real-time visibility into your payment, remittance and correspondence files, enabling you to automate workflows and improve efficiency—all supported through advanced data analytics dashboards.

Deposit & Remittance Reconciliation

Import deposit and remittance files from your existing bank, clearinghouse or payers and automatically reconcile the information and post files directly.

  • Validate work and process exceptions with intelligent workflow management tools.
  • Benefit from triple reconciliation of claims, remittances and deposits.
  • Integrate seamlessly with patient accounting and practice management systems.

Enterprise Cash Management

Get full transparency into all bank transactions and a unified workflow with enterprise cash management for revenue cycle and accounting departments.

  • Import all remittances, payment transaction files and payment posting reports.
  • Automate posting of allocated credits and debits into general ledger system.
  • Monitor cash posting productivity with real-time reporting.
  • Create exception-based workflows according to your business rules.

Benefits and Correspondence Conversion

Coordinate with your existing bank lockbox to capture explanation of benefit documents and create electronic remittance advice files for automated posting.

  • Image and index correspondence, patient statements and check images.
  • Scan EOB documents into PDFs and upload.
  • Match converted files to associated bank deposit files.
  • Maintain original paper images.

Patient Payment Reconciliation

Convert patient payments into reconciled "pseudo 835" files to automatically post into electronic health records, general ledgers and patient accounting systems.

  • Create customized statements.
  • Work alongside vendors, merchant processors, banks, clearinghouses, billing agencies and document management systems.

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Discover how BDHC can help your organization improve healthcare payments with intelligent data automation.

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