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Bonds and stocks behave differently

Market swings can put your hard-earned savings at risk. One way to reduce portfolio volatility is by diversifying+ in both asset classes, because bonds and stocks may perform differently under similar market conditions. Get in touch with a Fifth Third Securities Financial Professional to find out if investing in these assets is right for you.

Some of the Differences Between Bonds and Stocks++


  • When you buy a bond, you are essentially lending money to an organization, which can be a private company, government, municipality, etc...
  • Bonds may provide safety of principal, predictable income flow, and tax advantages+++


  • When you buy a stock, you are purchasing an equity stake of the company.
  • The stock market is not always predictable, but there have been times when the long-term rewards of stocks have outpaced fixed-income investments, such as bonds.

Find an asset allocation strategy+ that’s right for you.

A Fifth Third Securities Financial Professional can help determine the right strategy based on your risk and reward preferences and investment goals.