Long Term Care Insurance

The cost of long-term care

All the long-term care options have one thing in common: they’re all costly. And the cost of care continues to increase. Long term care generally falls into 3 categories: Skilled care (usually a serious injury or illness which requires daily care ordered by a physician); intermediate care (similar to skilled care buy may not need daily care) and custodial care (generally help with daily activities like bathing and eating).

Don’t wait

The ability to obtain long term care insurance may be more difficult to qualify for and the cost of that insurance may be prohibitive as you age. If long term care is an important issue for you, please discuss your questions with a Fifth Third Professional so that they may work with you to establish a long term care insurance plan that meets your objectives.

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What stage of life are you in? Do you need an additional savings plan? How much benefit coverage do you need? You should discuss these and any other questions you have with a Fifth Third Insurance Specialist to establish an insurance plan that meets your objectives.

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