Information about Fifth Third Bank’s CRA Evaluation and Commitment

Fifth Third Bank is fully committed to meeting the needs of all of the communities it serves. We take seriously our obligations to invest in and serve our communities and believe that when we build stronger communities, we also build a stronger bank.

Today, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland released its Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) rating of Fifth Third Bank for the period 2011-2013. While we are disappointed to have received a Needs-to-Improve rating, we recognize that this rating does not represent our commitment to our customers: the communities we lend to, invest in and serve. But rather, the rating results from certain legacy issues that the Bank has remediated and put behind us some time ago. In fact, the Federal Reserve’s Performance Evaluation recognizes that Fifth Third’s overall performance indicates a good record of helping meet the credit needs of our communities, including low- to moderate-income neighborhoods.

We are proud to be the number one community development lender amongst America’s largest regional banks. We are an industry leader in developing innovative products like Express Banking which provides an overdraft-free way to bank that is simple, transparent, convenient and affordable to hundreds of thousands of people. We have launched a novel down payment assistance program, providing 3 percent of the purchase price in mortgage down payment assistance, up to $3,600, for low-income borrowers or those purchasing a home in a low-income area.

We continue our focus on financial education and are also partnering with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition to ensure that our community commitments are structured to have the most impact on those who need it most. In that regard, Fifth Third Bank has made a five year $27.5 billion commitment, including $10 billion in mortgage credit, $10 billion in small business lending and investing, $6.5 billion in community development loans and $1 billion in CRA investments.

We are proud of the achievements we have made in developing our communities and we look forward to the Federal Reserve‘s next CRA evaluation for the period of 2014-2016 which we are confident will be representative of our continued community commitment and strong customer focus.


 Fifth Third Bank’s Community Reinvestment Act Public Evaluation