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Dobot®: Your Personal Finance and Savings App

Dobot is our free savings app that makes it easy to save for what matters most. Help improve your money management skills by downloading the app today—available on Google Play and in the App Store.

Discover Dobot

Dobot makes saving automatic. Just visualize your goals and let Dobot do the rest. Whether you're saving for your next vacation, a down payment or literally anything else, Dobot can help you get there.

Visualize Your Goals.

Give your goal a name, set the dollar amount you’ll need and a deadline to meet, and watch the results. Whether you’re saving for a home or down payment for a new car, home renovation, vacation, wedding, or big event, Dobot will help you achieve your goals.

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by May 2023

Dobot app screen

Save Automatically or At Your Own Pace.

With automated savings, Dobot determines your safe savings amount. Then every few days, it transfers that money into your Dobot savings account. With Scheduled Savings, you set how much and how often. Dobot will take it from there!

Ready, Set, Save!

Dobot makes it easy to reach your saving goals. Just download the app and you’re on your way! Want more info first? Discover Dobot

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