Two young women sit in a coffee shop and discuss the benefits of Fifth Third Momentum® Checking and Savings accounts.

The Benefits of Fifth Third's Momentum Checking and Savings


In the market for new bank accounts? Check out the benefits of free checking and savings accounts with Fifth Third Bank.

Keeping track of your finances can feel overwhelming, but there are ways to streamline the process. An important step you can take is by setting up fee-free, mobile-friendly checking and saving accounts with the same provider.

One of the easiest ways to get started is by applying online to set up a Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account—which is free and has no minimum balance requirement, no minimum deposit1, and no monthly maintenance fees—along with a Fifth Third Momentum® Savings Account.

These accounts have many benefits for organizing your finances:

Easy Money Management

Consolidating your accounts creates a level of convenience that’s impossible to achieve if your money is spread over multiple accounts at different institutions. If you do want to visit a branch, you only have to make one trip rather than two. If something changes in your life, such as your name or address, you only have to update one bank.

If you’re logging in online or via the Fifth Third mobile app, you can see the balances in your checking account and your savings account in one screen. That makes it simpler to get a fuller picture of your finances without having to open multiple apps or browser tabs—or remember the passwords for multiple accounts. Transferring funds between your accounts also is much easier and faster.

Lower Fees

As long as you have a Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account, the savings account is free. That means that bank fees won’t eat away at your savings goals.

Plus, having Fifth Third Momentum® Checking and Savings Accounts can protect you from overdraft fees. The Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account comes with Extra Time®3, which gives you until midnight of the next business day to move money into your account if it is overdrawn to avoid an overdraft charge.

Additionally, If you enroll your checking account in overdraft protection and link it to your savings account and your account is overdrawn, Fifth Third will automatically transfer the necessary amount from savings.

Reach Your Financial Goals

One of the first steps toward achieving financial security is understanding exactly how much money you’re earning each month and comparing that with how much you’re spending and saving. Instant access to both your checking and savings accounts can make it easier to track this information and make any behavior adjustments necessary to make progress toward your goals.

Fifth Third makes it even easier, with programs like Smart Savings, which allows you to save small amounts of money ($1-$80) automatically, and Scheduled Savings, which makes regular, recurring contributions to your savings account from your checking account.

Easily Transfer Money

Even if you’re not using the automatic transfer features, having both of your accounts with one bank like Fifth Third makes it easier to move money from one account to another. You can log in once and easily see both balances to make sure you’re transferring the right amount.

That’s a lot easier than having to log into multiple accounts, or visit more than one bank branch in order to complete a transaction.

Combining your checking and savings accounts with one bank is an easy way to simplify your financial life. Having Fifth Third Momentum® Checking and Savings Accounts allows you to better manage your money, so you can focus on making the most of it.

Try Fifth Third’s Momentum® Banking: Banking Made Simple

For those who want to strengthen money habits now to reach long-term financial wellness, explore Fifth Third’s Momentum Banking services:

  • NO monthly service fees
  • NO minimum balance requirements1
  • NO fees at over 40,000 partner ATMs nationwide2
  • Extra Time® to help avoid overdraft fees3
  • Access to money when you need it

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