Fifth Third Momentum® Savings

Saving made simpler

You work hard for your money—and so should your bank. With a Fifth Third Momentum® Savings Account, you can create a savings goal to work toward or set up Scheduled Savings through mobile or online banking.

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There’s no minimum balance to get started saving.

Automatic transfers help you save effortlessly.

Free Overdraft Protection if linked to a Fifth Third Momentum® Checking account.

Manage your account through online and mobile banking.

Work smarter, not harder

Use Smart Savings to automatically save small amounts of money throughout the week—as little as $1—so you can reach a weekly savings amount. Smart Savings automatically transfers money from one Fifth Third checking account to your Fifth Third Momentum® Savings account, and you can set limits and restrictions on how much can be transferred every week. (We’ll never transfer more than $80 a week.)

How to get started with Smart Savings:

  1. Find the Momentum Savings 'account card' from the dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the transactions list and select "Smart Savings" tile.
  3. Check out the details and notice the on/off switch.


Account for your future

Fifth Third Momentum® Savings

A good option if...

You want a straightforward account that can help you maximize your savings.

Interest rates

Standard rate

Skip the monthly service fee if you meet one of these requirements…

  • You have a Fifth Third checking account (not including Fifth Third Express Banking).
  • Someone under age 18 is an owner of the account.
  • You are enrolled in Fifth Third Military Banking.

Otherwise, it's $5/month.

Minimum deposit to open


Additional features

  • Goal-oriented account helps you reach financial milestones
  • Reach your savings goals quicker with automatic checking-to-savings transfers
  • Convenient savings and checking combined statements
  • FDIC-insured
  • Online and mobile account access

Savings calculators

Fifth Third Momentum® Savings FAQ

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