Electronic deposit manager

Learn more about how Fifth Third Bank Electronic Deposit Manager facilitates remote deposit capture and balancing while helping to increase staff productivity.

Electronic Deposit Manager

EDM helps enhance your receivables management, helps mitigate check fraud, and extend the deposit window – allowing you to focus on running your business. Electronic Deposit Manager is part of Fifth Third Bank's comprehensive suite of Receivables Solutions that help you to electronically and seamlessly manage your accounts receivable process.


A Remote Solution

Now you can minimize employee trips to the bank with Fifth Third Bank’s Electronic Deposit Manager (EDM). Our EDM solution is a web-based application that lets you scan checks and create balanced deposits quickly and accurately, right from your desktop. You can also scan remittance tickets and full-page documents and track them in the system to create balanced transactions. As a result, your checks are deposited faster, cleared faster, and you or your employees aren’t wasting valuable time on the road to the bank.

Access valuable data 24/7

Through Fifth Third Bank’s EDM solution, you’ll have 24/7 access to data and scanned images. You can also track the origins of checks in your reports and exports. All this leads to more office efficiencies, including:

  • Retaining in-house control over deposits
  • Help with mitigating check fraud risk
  • Quicker access to deposited funds, compared to in-branch transactions
  • Timely access to centralized data for more accurate and robust reporting
  • Increased employee productivity by minimizing inconveniences of employee trips to the bank

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