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What are Lockbox Services?

Fifth Third provides lockbox services to collect customer payments by check. Lockbox  services are ideal for businesses that have a large number of checks on a routine basis. We collect, process, and deposit payments for you, which saves you time and gives you better access to money in your account. Streamline your payment processes with Fifth Third Retail Lockbox Banking Services. Contact a Treasury Management Officer to get started.

We’re Open 24/7 to Assist You

Our sophisticated imaging technology and processing sites are uniquely positioned to optimize mail time and decrease float. These sites operate 24/7 to accelerate payment processing and give you quicker access to funds. Plus, your daily accounts receivable information will be sent to you with a detailed audit trail. With our retail lockbox solution you can also count on:

  • Access to specific check images to expedite dispute resolution
  • Direct access to your checking account
  • Expedited accounts receivable reconciliation
  • Data consolidation across sites 

Electronic Deposit Manager

We can also streamline check processing with our Electronic Deposit Manager (EDM). It’s a web-based application that lets you scan checks and create balanced deposits quickly and accurately. EDM will help you:

  • Retain in-house control over deposits
  • Mitigate check fraud risk
  • Access deposited funds quicker, compared to in-branch transactions 

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