Import financing

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Be ready when opportunities arise

With a world of supply sources available to you, strategic purchasing decisions could present themselves in an instant. Fifth Third Bank Import Financing can help make certain you’re prepared when these situations arise—with inventory management and with making the actual purchases. Having your financing in place facilitates a smooth transaction, which helps build positive vendor relationships as well.

Our import financing solutions can help you:

  • Optimize cash flow
  • Minimize payment risks
  • Reduce costs of materials
  • Simplify your trade processes

Complete the transaction with little or no capital

Using such products as Fifth Third Bank’s Import Letters of Credit and Bankers' Acceptances, you can enable suppliers to obtain financing to produce and deliver products in a timely manner while deferring payment yourself until the goods you purchased have been resold.

Supply Chain Financing

Being able to count on the flow of goods, and the payment for those goods, can make all the difference in your success in the international marketplace. With options such as vendor financing, letters of credit, and approved payables financing, our experienced supply chain financing team can instill confidence in vendors and purchasers alike.

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