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Creating opportunities for all

Imagine what you can do with increased working capital: pay down debt, invest in the future or simply keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. With domestic and international trade finance solutions, Fifth Third Supply Chain Finance can help buyers extend payment terms and help suppliers get paid faster, expanding the possibilities for everyone.

Delivering deep expertise with personalized service

Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience across a variety of industries in the middle market and beyond. We’ll take the time to understand your working capital objectives and deliver strategic advice and solutions you can trust—all with exceptional service.

Optimize your working capital

Both sides of a transaction can benefit from our solutions.

How buyers can benefit

  • Enhance cash flow 
  • Improve supplier relations 
  • Extend days payables outstanding
  • Shorten cash conversion cycle 
  • Reduce costs of materials 
  • Maintain a positive balance sheet—no bank debt

How suppliers can benefit

  • Enhance cash flow 
  • Improve buyer relations 
  • Decrease days of sales outstanding
  • Shorten cash conversion cycle 
  • Reduce borrowing costs
  • Remove A/R from the balance sheet

Bringing buyers and suppliers together

Because Fifth Third serves as an intermediary in the transaction, the relationship between the buyer and the supplier is strengthened. Both parties achieve a favorable outcome, making a healthier, more stable supply chain.

Providing value through purchasing

We can lead or participate in purchasing approved payables and trade receivables and facilitate payment at a discounted rate based on the buyer’s superior credit rating.

  1. An agreement to purchase is made through a purchase order or contract.
  2. The supplier sends the invoice for the goods, and Fifth Third obtains the buyer’s approval.
  3. Fifth Third discounts the invoice and sends the funds to the supplier without recourse. 
  4. At maturity, Fifth Third collects payment from the buyer.

A proven process

Our proven information management platform is scalable and easy to set up and manage the entire trade process from start to finish. You’ll have greater visibility and more control over the transaction and your organization’s finances.

Solidify your plans and partnerships

Through our trade finance solutions, you can reach your working capital goals and create long-lasting relationships with key trade partners.

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