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Security Suite

Leveraging our Positive Pay advanced protection services, Security Suite helps protect your business from the risk of check and ACH fraud. With Security Suite, you have the opportunity to review and approve through Fifth Third Direct®, our secure online banking portal all items presented for payment.

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  • Allows you to make decisions to pay acceptable items and return fraudulent transactions
  • online or via mobile device
  • Allows for dual approval and audit reporting
  • Sends reminder emails each hour during the review window until your decisions are made
  • Check images and originator details are available to review online or via mobile device


Security Suite offers several options within the Fifth Third Direct Positive Pay service to provide you with powerful fraud protection solutions.

Customer-Maintained Positive Pay (CMPP)

Enables you to maintain your own list of checks that you have issued, review all checks paid against your account and make decisions to return fraudulent items.


Monthly service charge: $19

Bank-Maintained Positive Pay (BMPP)    

Compares paid items against the issue information you provide, enabling us to automatically identify exceptions for you to review, including payee name verification and teller line check cashing protection.

Monthly service charge: $49

ACH Positive Pay (ACH PP)

Gives you the opportunity to review all ACH items presented against your account and set up filters, establish blocks by originator and return individual items.


Monthly service charge: $10