Fifth Third HR and Payroll

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You’ll gain access to a dedicated Paycor payroll specialist who can answer questions, provide guidance and ensure the accuracy of your payroll and tax filings. And best of all? You’ll receive preferential payroll pricing when your payroll is funded through a Fifth Third Business Checking account.1

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  • Dedicated Expertise: Tax experts who work in some of the most challenging regulatory environments help ensure compliance at every turn.
  • Engaging Employee Self Service: Reduce questions about pay history and tax forms by empowering employees through self-service access.
  • Powerful Reporting & Analytics: Make real-time business decisions with our powerful analytics platform.
  • Attract & Retain Top Talent: Find top performers and develop them into your most productive employees.
  • Glean True Insights Into Your Data: Tap into your data and gain rich insights to predict expenses and improve your bottom line.
  • Adapt & Stay Ahead of What's Next: Protect your business with quarterly product enhancements and compliance expertise.

Costs vary by dollar amount, volume and type of transactions. Ask a Fifth Third representative for an introduction to Fifth Third HR & Payroll, powered by Paycor.