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Harvard Kennedy Executive Education

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Case Western University

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Opportunity Financial Network


Empowering those who
strengthen our communities.

At Fifth Third, there’s nothing we love more than helping communities thrive—but we know we aren’t alone. That’s why we created Empowering Community Leaders. It provides comprehensive capacity building programs that are tailored to nonprofit organizations. Through these programs, community leaders will gain the resources and skills necessary to grow their knowledge and their impact.

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Greater Capacity for
organizational growth

When nonprofit organizations have the resources they need to succeed, the benefits become exponential. It means more effective programs that better serve the community, which leads to greater success, more demand, and the ability to hire and onboard more new employees.

Greater knowledge for
community leaders

Empowering Community Leaders offers critical lessons in leadership development, technical skills and specialized certifications. Through this focused curriculum, we help support the goals of executive leadership, staff and boards of nonprofit organizations.

Greater opportunities for
bigger impacts.

Investing in your organization’s future leaders does more than build greater capabilities—it also builds greater possibilities. For individuals, nonprofits, and the communities we all share.


Fifth Third is proud to partner with leading organizatons to provide trainings & expertise to nonprofit groups.

Harvard Kennedy Executive Education Options

Through on campus and online programs, participants will gain tools and knowledge to strengthen their leadership capabilities. Upon successful completion of three (3) executive programs, participants will receive an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education.

Case Western Reserve University Logo

Case Western Reserve University

The Emotional Intelligence Course and Coaching program promises to help leaders distinguish themselves by teaching them the concept of emotional intelligence, its component competencies, and how to use it to stimulate outstanding performance.

NeighborWorks America logo

NeighborWorks America Center for Homeownership Education

Offering 8 homeowner certifications through online training, participants will learn a variety of skills that they can use to serve their communities. These include Homeownership Counseling, Pre-Purchase Homeownership Education, Foreclosure Intervention and Default Counseling, Financial Capability and more.

National Development Council logo

National Development Council

Rental Housing Development Finance Certification teaches the knowledge and skills necessary for rental housing development finance. This includes an emphasis on identifying project feasibility, and how to close financing gaps for affordable rental projects.

Opportunity Finance Network logo

Opportunity Finance Network

This Small Business & Economic Development Training gives Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) access to leadership development modules, forums and webinars. In an online space, participants will be able to learn, connect and develop leadership tools and resources that bring economic opportunities to small businesses, and economic justice to communities.