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Goodwill Giving: Charity Wedding and Gift Registries Gaining Popularity


According to, a growing number of Americans now incorporate giving to charity into wedding, birthday and anniversary registries.

According to, a growing number of Americans now incorporate giving to charity into wedding, birthday and anniversary registries.

What’s Fueling the Trend?

Shifting demographics may be part of what’s fueling the registry trend from dishes to donations. Many couples marry later or remarry, and are not looking for items to fill their cabinets and closets. The younger generation is also a factor – tending to be socially aware – and enjoying celebrating causes they believe in.

Smart Charitable Giving Tips

Considering donations in lieu of gifts for your next celebration? Here are five charitable giving tips to consider:

  1. Do your homework. Before selecting a charity, confirm their tax-exempt status, review their annual report and check their status with charity watchdog groups like Charity Navigator and BBB Wise Giving Alliance.
  2. Check for notifications. Before creating the registry, make sure the organization will notify you of contributions, so you can acknowledge the gifts.
  3. Consider your options. Some people let guests select the charity their gift benefits, while others designate a particular organization that reflects their interests. For the most impact, charity experts recommend selecting two or three organizations from which gift-givers can choose. Websites such as can help you get organized, or you can direct guests to your chosen charity’s website.
  4. Donate for them. If you do not feel comfortable asking guests for donations, but want to include your favorite charity in a celebration, consider making a donation in honor of your guests. Many couples make a donation in place of wedding favors. Organizations often provide memento scrolls or place cards to honor guests.
  5. Celebrate your community. Encourage guests to make a gift purchase that benefits the needs of a local organization, such as books for the town library, or towels and sheets for a community shelter.

A Celebration With Lasting Impact

Charity registries offer both guests and recipients a unique alternative for celebrating milestone events. By doing your homework to ensure the groups you select are reputable, your event becomes more than just a lasting memory, by also producing a lasting impact on the lives of others. As an added bonus, your contributions may also qualify for a tax-deduction.*

To incorporate a charity registry into your next celebration, contact a Fifth Third Bank financial advisor.

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