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Stay in Control of Your Finances With Account Alerts

Are you managing and protecting your bank account to the best of your ability? Setting up account alerts for your mobile or online banking account can help provide additional protection from fraudulent charges or overdraft fees. Account alerts can also provide you with personalized payment reminders or account balances. Choose to receive alerts through text messages, push notifications, or email, and never miss a notification again. Manage your bank account with ease by setting up Fifth Third account alerts today.

Benefits of Account Alerts

Better Management

Custom alerts let you know when your account has gone below the threshold that you have set so that you can better manage your money.

Peace of Mind

Daily balance alerts, suspicious activity alerts, and more help you keep a pulse on your account at all times.


Receive reminders when your payments are due and more straight to your mobile device.

Types of Account Alerts

Automatic Alerts

When you enroll in Account Alerts, there are some alerts you’ll get automatically—no set up necessary! These include Bill Payment, Online Security and Credit/Debit/ATM Suspicious Activity alerts.

Bill Payment

You’ll be notified for things like payee updates, payment cancellations, undeliverable e-bills and other alerts related to bill or e-bill payments.

Online Security

You’ll receive notification of user name or password changes, contact information updates, bank messages and other alerts related to general online security.

Suspicious Activity

If we suspect your Credit/Debit/ATM card is compromised, it will be turned off while we send you a text message to confirm whether a purchase is yours. Reply "yes" and your card will be turned back on. Reply “no” and we will shut down your card and send you a new one.

How to Set Up Account Alerts


  1. Download the Fifth Third Mobile Banking App or sign in if you are an existing user
  2. Tap Alerts on the main menu
  3. Go to the Manage section at the top of the screen
  4. Tap on the account that you would like to manage
  5. From here you can turn alerts on and select your delivery preferences


  1. Log In to Online Banking
  2. Click on Service Center at the top of the page
  3. Under Alerts, you'll see the Manage Alerts section
  4. From here you can add and edit alerts, as well as select your delivery preference

Account Alerts FAQs

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