Summer 2012 Quarterly Newsletter   
Are You Ready to Innovate? 
innovate image In today's uncertain business climate, with market conditions and currencies continually fluctuating, businesses are searching for ways to grow despite a slowly recovering economy.  Innovation is playing an important role in solving the issues that matter most to treasury professionals.  However, the real innovation that is taking place throughout the industry goes far beyond the introduction of new technologies.
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Case Study: A Safe Receivables Solution 
case study image When The Energy Cooperative, a Newark, Ohio - based utility provider, turned to the bank for help in improving the safety and proficiency of its receivables process, a customized currency management solution was deemed to be the ideal solution.
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Innovative Thinking Begins With You 
innovative thinking image Any discussion around ways to bring greater innovation to an organization should start with a look at current treasury processes.  It is only through introspection, an honest assessment of existing receivables functions, and real creative thinking that innovative new ideas can thrive.  There can be a tendency to ignore operations that have been inefficient for a long time simply because "that's the way it has been done".  But it is important to examine all processes with an open mind. Take this quiz
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