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Fifth Third Bank understands you want to use your account balances for more than payables and receivables, and we can help you improve your working capital. When you concentrate your funds daily, you can improve your cash forecasting and move funds where they can best be leveraged.

Our specialized zero-balance account offerings can help you efficiently consolidate funds from multiple accounts into a single master account, and at the end of each business day, excess balances in sub-accounts are automatically transferred to your master account.

Here are a few of Fifth Third Bank’s account offerings:

Demand Deposit Account (DDA):
This core non-interest-bearing transaction account helps you receive deposits or disburse funds. Funds kept in a DDA can help offset overall account service fees.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA):
This automated service links multiple deposit sub-accounts to a single “master” operating account—for timely, cost-efficient deposit consolidation into a single concentration account.

Corporate One Account (COA):
This account works like a ZBA, with the addition of providing clients with the ability to receive location reporting in BAI format. The result? Organizations can support individual location autonomy while maintaining centralized control.

These account service options help enable you to:

  • Easily and automatically move funds among multiple accounts.
  • Obtain a detailed audit trail of all transactions to expedite account reconciliation.
  • Help mitigate idle balances.
  • Use earnings credit to offset transaction fees.
  • Control daily treasury needs.
  • Access accurate daily cash position information.

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Deposit and credit products offered by Fifth Third Bank. Member FDIC.

FDIC Deposit Insurance. Deposit balances are insured up to the maximum amount permitted by law. The standard insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, for each deposit insurance ownership category. Please visit for more information about FDIC insurance coverage.

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