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Want to gain greater flexibility for the financing of goods in the channels of trade? For importers, Bankers' Acceptances can serve as low-cost alternatives to loans. If you are an importer needing to finance a purchase of goods, Fifth Third Bank can assist you with short-term financing.

Consider a Fifth Third Bank Bankers' Acceptance, a short-term debt instrument that can help you obtain increased flexibility in borrowing on a short-term basis.

A banker's acceptance is a time draft "accepted" by Fifth Third Bank as an unconditional commitment to pay the draft at an established maturity date. They can be drafted as part of transactions involving:

  • Letters of credit
  • Documentary draft collections
  • Open account purchases

When your draft is accepted by Fifth Third Bank, it becomes a negotiable instrument that can be sold in the open market with pricing near, and often below, LIBOR.

Fifth Third Bank's Banker's Acceptance service is scalable, and requires minimal setup and no interfaces.

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