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As part of your overall portfolio management strategy, there might be assets you want held in Safekeeping to assure you have access to liquid funds when you need them most. Fifth Third Bank is proud to be ranked among the nation's top Institutional Custody/Safekeeping providers, managing nearly $190 billion in assets under care and $25 billion in managed assets for institutional clients worldwide.

Whether you're interested in placing stocks, bonds, real estate titles, or other assets in Safekeeping, your securities will be deposited and held electronically, giving you quicker access to funds should you want to sell them in a timely manner.

Other Fifth Third Bank investment products include:

  • Municipal and corporate bonds
  • Mortgage-backed securities and CMOs
  • U.S. Government treasury and agency securities
  • Variable rate demand notes
  • Asset-backed securities

Effectively measuring, analyzing, and managing your balance sheets and investment portfolios requires sophisticated access to information. Our Investment Accounting suite of services helps our financial institution clients have the information they need to make good decisions. The reporting is available online and offers the following information:

  • Bond Accounting
  • Regulatory Reporting/Call Report Data
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Asset/Liability Management
  • Board Reports

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