Fifth Third Bank

Multi CardPrint

Take control of spending—purchasing, travel, and fleet—with Fifth Third Bank Multi Card. This single commercial card helps eliminate the complication of tracking and reconciling purchases. Instead, it lets your employees spend as authorized and can be fully integrated into your payables process.

This convenient spending option:

  • Optimizes Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) for better working capital management
  • Helps reveal employee spending patterns with electronic reporting
  • Lets you determine authorization and spending parameters
  • Keeps you up-to-date with comprehensive expense reporting—with robust reporting technology

By expediting payments with a Multi Card, you can negotiate vendor contracts more effectively, boost your control of employee expenses, and optimize your working capital as you extend DPO. The Multi Card also allows you to always pay on time—or even early.

One Multi Card is all it takes to manage these payables:


  • You set the parameters: merchant acceptance, credit line, purchase amounts.
  • Procurement is streamlined.
  • You can optimize strategic spend categories.

Travel and Entertainment

  • Eliminate personal card use, petty cash disbursements, travel advances, and check reimbursements.
  • Expedite reconciliation and clearing of travel-related expenses.
  • Track expenses and card usage.
  • Enable employees to make their own travel arrangements.


  • Have the ability to cross-reference driver and vehicle numbers.
  • Enjoy a "fuel only" option.
  • Assign card to drivers or to vehicles.

With Multi Card, you get access to:

  • Smartdata.gen2™ (SDG2)—a high-tech, web-based tool that can help you organize, consolidate, analyze, and manage charges
  • Commercial Card Management—for secure online program maintenance
  • Card Payables On-Line—to request single-use virtual card numbers through the Internet.