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Tour our Operations Center Download: 29.1MB

Take a Tour of Our Operations Center


Take a guided tour of Fifth Third Bank's 525,000 square feet Operations Center, home to several operational departments such as retail and wholesale lockbox, the Commercial Support Center, check image processing, and more.

Commercial Card Demo Download: 3.6MB

Fifth Third Bank's Commercial Card


When your business grows, additional expenses are never too far behind. Learn how to bring your finances into focus and keep a closer eye on your spending with Fifth Third Bank's Commercial Card Program.

Electronic Deposit Manager Download: 11.4MB

Optimize Funds Availability with Electronic Deposit Manager


Electronic Deposit Manager (EDM), is a remote deposit solution available through Fifth Third Direct. Discover how EDM can help you capture and deposit your receivables remotely to help expedite access to funds.

RevLink Solutions Download: 9.6MB

Improve Your Revenue Cycle with RevLink Solutions for Healthcare Providers


Automate and consolidate your revenue cycle workflow with RevLink, a web-based solution for medical providers who want to leverage Healthcare Lockbox or Healthcare Electronic Deposit Manager.

Integrated Payables Download: 20.2MB

Achieve Your Days Payable Outstanding Goals with Integrated Payables Solutions


Take greater control over your payments and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions with Fifth Third Bank's Integrated Payables Solutions.

Integrated Receivables Download: 19.7MB

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding with Integrated Receivables Solutions


Explore how you can improve your cash flow and increase the efficiency of your working capital management with an Integrated Receivables Solution from Fifth Third Bank.

Working Capital Management Download: 16.6 MB

Establish an Integrated Approach to Your Working Capital Management


Learn how you can improve cash flow, increase liquidity, and reduce your dependence on short-term debt with Fifth Third Bank's Working Capital Management Solutions.

Buddy Baker Download: 16.2 MB

Understanding Commercial Letters of Credit


When doing business across borders, Letters of Credit can be a daunting financial instrument to understand. Join Buddy Baker as he guides you through a step by step process of how a letter of credit works.

Fifth Third Direct Download: 16.3 MB

Learn more about Fifth Third Direct


View the benefits of this reliable, secure resource for online banking and management of your important business finances. Your data is available in one place, anytime and from anywhere, with a single log in and a simplified user interface.

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  Your Lockbox Program and What You Need to Know

Your Lockbox Program and What You Need to Know

Lex Litton of Phoenix-Hecht and our own Mike Olson examine best practices, new trends and industry developments in Retail Lockbox operations. These industry experts provide insight into the most beneficial models for Retail Lockbox and how they can shape your strategy going forward.
*Please note, this is a replay of our November 2013 online seminar and therefore interaction is not enabled.

Presented by: Lex Litton of Phoenix-Hecht and our own Mike Olson, Fifth Third Bank
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Duration: 57:25 minutes