Discover how Fifth Third Bank's financial solutions can help you operate more efficiently and grow your business. Plus, get the latest news about economic trends, current industry topics, and more from experienced Fifth Third bankers.

Brian Lamb Download: 4.4MB

Brian Lamb

President, Tampa Bay Region

Fifth Third Bank's Value Proposition


Listen to Brian Lamb, President of the Tampa Bay Region, talk about Fifth Third Bank's Value Proposition.

Chuck Miller Download: 8.8MB

Chuck Miller

Vice President

Doing Business in Canada


Thinking of expanding your business north to Canada? Fifth Third Bank's Chuck Miller discusses some advantages of doing business in Canada and what banks can do to help you navigate the business landscape.

David Roden Download: 12.0MB

David Roden

Vice President

New Free Trade Agreements


Fifth Third Bank’s David Roden discusses the new Free Trade Agreements that the United States signed with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. See how these can help you diversify your markets and grow your business.

Bob Tull Download: 11.9MB

Bob Tull

Managing Director, FX and Commodities

Understanding Foreign Exchange


Join Fifth Third Bank’s Bob Tull as he takes you through the basics of foreign exchange, and reviews tools to help properly manage currency exposure for your business.

Stephanie Spaccarelli Download: 14.0MB

Stephanie Spaccarelli

Institutional Regional Manager

Helping You Meet Fee Disclosure Requirements for Retirement


Stephanie Spaccarelli and Mark Thaman of Fifth Third Bank’s Retirement Plan Services discuss how Fifth Third is prepared to help retirement plan fiduciaries understand their 401(k) fees and expenses as well as their responsibilities related to the DOL Fee Disclosure regulations.

Mohamed Siraj Download: 10.9MB

Mohamed Siraj, VP

CTM Product Management

Q&A: Dodd-Frank Act and Requlation Q


Watch Mohamed Siraj, Fifth Third Bank's Liquidity Product Manager, as he provides insight on the Dodd-Frank Act and Requlation Q and how it may impact your business.

Bob Tull Download: 8.0MB

Bob Tull, VP

Foreign Exchange & Commodities

Commodity Risk Management


Watch Bob Tull, Managing Director of Fifth Third Bank's Commodity Risk Management team, as he discusses how to operate a more efficient business by helping create price certainty in an uncertain market utilizing commodity risk exposures.

Maria Yamat Download: 8.1MB

Maria Yamat, VP

Capital Strategies Group

Our Commitment to the Corporate Bond Business


Watch Maria Yamat, Managing Director of Fifth Third Bank's Capital Strategies Group, as she discusses the ever-increasing capabilities and experience within our Corporate Bond Business.

Peter Mack Download: 5.5MB

Peter Mack, SVP


Commercial International Solutions at Fifth Third


Watch Peter Mack, Director of International Banking as he talks about Fifth Third Bank's commitment to your global financial needs.

Michael Reece Download: 10.2MB

Michael Reece, CFO

Unified Health Services

One Client's Insight


Watch Michael Reece, Chief Financial Officer, as he discusses the relationship between Unified Health Services and Fifth Third Bank, and the value they get from RevLink Premier.

David Jackson Download: 19.1MB

David Jackson

National SBA Director

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans


David Jackson, National SBA Director, discusses SBA loan options and the distinct advantages of SBA financing for small businesses over traditional financing options.

Buddy Baker Download: 14.0MB

Buddy Baker, VP

Global Trade Solutions Delivery

Helping you Mitigate Financial Risk with Trading Partners


Where do you begin to review types of payments and payment terms you can use when doing business across border? Join Buddy Baker as he walks you through the most common terms of sale used in international transactions and how they might be used to mitigate risk.

Tom Heiks Download: 8.4MB

Tom Heiks, EVP

Market President, North Carolina Affiliate

Our Focus on Your Business


Watch Tom Heiks, EVP, Market President of the North Carolina Affiliate, as he speaks to our refined approach to reinforcing client relationships.

John Bultema Download: 6.4MB

John Bultema, EVP

Business Banking

Our Commitment to Your Business


John Bultema, EVP, Head of Business Banking, shares Fifth Third Bank’s approach to supporting economic growth within the business community.

Bryan Havighurst Download: 11.2MB

Bryan Havighurst

Manager of Wealth Planning

Business Transition & Succession Planning


Bryan Havighurst, Wealth Planning Manager for Fifth Third Private Bank, shares key considerations for planning the transition or succession of your business.

John Marrocco Download: 9.2MB

John Marrocco

Head of Business Banking, Cincinnati affiliate

Lending Opportunities for Businesses


Listen to John Marrocco, head of Business Banking for the Cincinnati affiliate, talk about Fifth Third Bank’s commitment to lending, short and long-term financing opportunities for your business, and helping your business find the right financing solutions.

Jeffrey Siekman Download: 6.1MB

Jeffrey Siekman, SVP

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Information Management and Reporting for Your Business’ Treasury Needs


What does the future hold for treasury innovation? What is Fifth Third Bank doing to meet today’s changing treasury needs? What should treasury professionals be looking for in a bank? These are just a few of the questions Jeff Siekman, Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Initiatives addresses as he discusses the changing role of treasury in today’s businesses.

Emily Jones Download: 11.1MB

Emily Jones

Treasury Management Sales Manager

Merchant Services Solutions


Emily Jones, Treasury Management Sales Manager, provides an overview of Merchant Services solutions and how they can help your business accelerate receivables and improve your bottom line.

Whitepapers and Articles

Fifth Third Bank's top bankers share up-to-date knowledge and insights on a range of current financial and industry topics, from "going green" to strengthening client relationships, and more.

Bankers' Perspectives on Treasury's State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI)

Bankers’ Perspectives on Treasury’s State Small Business Credit Initiative.

Preventive Treatment for the Provider’s Back-office

A closer look at administrative simplification and the key strategies healthcare providers can take to prepare.

International Insights - Shifting Demographics and Where To Look for Future Growth

Global demographics are shifting while various markets are expanding. Understanding these dynamics can help American manufacturers and exporters identify various trends, where tomorrow’s target consumers will live, how much they are able to spend, and the goods and services they are likely to buy.

International Insights - Shifting Manufacturing Trends Require Producers To Reassess Global Strategies

Due to shifting global manufacturing trends, it may make sense for U.S. producers to backshore or return previously offshored lower-tech manufacturing activities to the United States. And for producers interested in moving lower technology production abroad for the first time, it’s worth reevaluating the math, and global production, sourcing, and supply chain strategies.

Define, Develop, Execute: Putting Together an Effective Working Capital Management Plan

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. This article walks you through a strategic approach to managing working capital, allowing you to free cash flow and maintain a healthy financial state.

International Insights - The Euro Crisis and Globalization

Globalization has boosted competitiveness, productivity, innovation, and living standards around the world. But it also has presented difficult challenges for many countries, and could be at the root of current problems in Greece and other eurozone countries.

Partnering Across Your Organization: Why Effective Working Capital Management
Takes a Village

This article details the value and benefits of engaging the entire organization, educating them on what working capital means and how non-treasury areas can actively participate in efforts that will impact the bottom line.

Give Your Working Capital Plan an Annual Physical: How Treasury Can Sustain Cash Flow Improvements

The dynamic nature of business necessitates conducting periodic “health checks” in order to evaluate the vital signs of your treasury organization. Learn best practices for conducting a yearly checkup of your working capital management plan.

International Insights - The Buck Stops Where?

Past realities of a weakening dollar, although still applicable, no longer play out as they did years ago. Understand today's new currency implications in order to improve international business decisions while reducing risk.

International Insights - American Manufacturing

American businesses are evolving and establishing new business models and processes. Others are undertaking new initiatives to boost productivity and reduce costs. What is your company doing?

International Insights - Free Trade With South Korea, Colombia and Panama

In October, the United States signed free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. For many reasons, the accord with South Korea is the most important free trade deal in 16 years. What is the impact on your business?

HFMA Article - Achieving Payment Assurance in a Consumer-Directed Healthcare World

The growth of consumer-directed healthcare is compelling providers to optimize collections at the front end.

The Impact of Consumer Directed Healthcare on Providers

Examine the financial impact that Consumer Directed Healthcare has on healthcare providers and explore best practices to maximize revenues.

Improved Cash Flow: A Hidden Source of Self-Financing

This article shows how implementing an effective cash management program allows treasurers to manage their working capital more effectively, optimizing cash flow and uncovering a hidden source of capital.

A ‘Smarter’ Way to Process Cash

Case Study: Learn how The Energy Cooperative of Newark, NJ manages cash payments while speeding accounting operations, cutting costs, and improving employee safety with Fifth Third Bank’s Remote Currency Manager.


Gain in-depth knowledge on a variety of relevant industry and financial subjects—directly from Fifth Third Bank's most knowledgeable bankers. Learn more about timely topics—such as healthcare reform, innovation for banking, and electronic migration—as our bankers share important insights to help you better manage your financial interests.

Your Lockbox Program and What You Need to Know

Download: 2.3MB

 Your Lockbox Program and What You Need to Know

Lex Litton of Phoenix-Hecht and our own Mike Olson examine best practices, new trends and industry developments in Retail Lockbox operations. These industry experts provide insight into the most beneficial models for Retail Lockbox and how they can shape your strategy going forward.
*Please note, this is a replay of our November 2013 online seminar and therefore interaction is not enabled.

Presented by: Lex Litton of Phoenix-Hecht and our own Mike Olson, Fifth Third Bank
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Duration: 57:25 minutes

Fifth Third Capital Markets: Interest Rate Management Webinar

Download: 2.3MB

 Fifth Third Capital Markets: Interest Rate Management Webinar

Listen to Fifth Third Bank's Steve Randle on Interest Rate Management.
*Please note, this is a replay of our March online seminar and therefore interaction is not enabled.

Presented by: David Benjamin, VP Commercial Card - Fifth Third Bank
Date: Thursday, March 17, 2012
Duration: 55 minutes

The best defense is a good offense. Arm yourself in the fight against Payment Fraud.

Download: 2.3MB

 The best defense is a good offense. Arm yourself in the fight against Payment Fraud.

Don't wait until you become a victim to learn how fraudsters operate. Knowing what fraudsters are accomplishing and how they are affecting the majority of businesses today can help you protect your company's most valuable assets. We will reveal today's most common fraud practices, from phishing, malware, and keyloggers, to check, wire, and ACH debit fraud. Also learn tactics and tools to help you build your greatest possible defense.
*Please note, this is a replay of our January online seminar and therefore interaction is not enabled.

Presented by: Mohamed Siraj, Fifth Third Bank and Bill Dean, Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc.
Date: Thursday, January 31, 2013
Duration: 60 minutes

How to Maximize Working Capital with Efficient Card Payments

Download: 2.3MB

 How to Maximize Working Capital with Efficient Card Payments

Fifth Third Bank's David Benjamin discusses how card payments, payment information, and the timing of payments can significantly improve your organization’s cash position. Learn best practices for implementing a comprehensive card program including Purchasing, Travel, Fleet, and Electronic Card Payables.
*Please note, this is a replay of our May online seminar and therefore interaction is not enabled.

Presented by: David Benjamin, VP Commercial Card - Fifth Third Bank
Date: Thursday, March 17, 2012
Duration: 55 minutes