Security Alert – Specific Type of Cyber Attack Currently Aimed At Banks

Unlike many other types of attacks from computer hackers where financial gain is the primary goal, distributed denial of service or DDoS attacks are typically designed to flood a particular web site with so many requests that it is unable to respond to any of them, including the legitimate requests, and may even cause the site to be shut down.

In most cases, DDoS attacks are used to interrupt service for consumers, but there are some circumstances in which these cyber attacks could be used to distract a financial services company in order to conduct fraudulent transactions.

What is Fifth Third Doing?

Fifth Third Bank has taken a comprehensive approach to security and has several layers of security controls in place to protect customer information and financial assets. Fifth Third Bank takes the security and safety of customer information very seriously, and your trust in Fifth Third is extremely important. Be assured that Fifth Third Bank is taking every precaution possible to protect your information and financial assets.

If our systems are unavailable:

Should our systems ever appear to be unavailable, you can always conduct business at one of our Banking Centers, ATMs or Bank Marts.

For questions, please call a Fifth Third Customer Service Professional at 1-800-972-3030. You may also contact us securely via our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.