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Student Loans

There are almost as many ways to pay for your education as there are programs to study. At Fifth Third, we help thousands of students determine the best financial aid package to cover school costs, which may include a combination of federal loans, private loans, or grants and scholarships.

Overview of Fifth Third Student Loans

Aid Type Key Features
Federal Stafford Loans Government-backed loans for students enrolled in a qualified program on at least a half-time basis
Parent PLUS Loans Federal loans available to parents who want to borrow the balance of their dependent child's education expenses minus any financial aid their child receives
Graduate PLUS Loans Federally sponsored education loans for students attending graduate school
Private Student Loans After you've pursued free and federal money, private student loans can help cover the rest of your college costs.
Grants & Scholarships Money for college is available from a variety of sources and offered as scholarships and grants

Federal Financial Aid from Your College

Your college may be able to offer you loan, grant and work-study options to help finance your education. Ask your advisor about your university's financial aid packages.

More information

To apply for a student loan, please call:

Fifth Third Education Hotline 1-800-222-7192

Questions regarding existing student loans, please call either:

Great Lakes Higher Education 1-800-236-4300
Sallie Mae 1-888-272-5543