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Fifth Third Multi Cap Value Fund Earns Five Star Rating


Fifth Third Asset Management, Inc. (FTAM) is proud to announce that the Fifth Third Multi Cap Value Fund has earned a Five-Star Rating from Morningstar as of December 31, 2006. Peter M. Klein, CFA and James R. Kirk, CFA manage the Fifth Third Multi Cap Value Fund. “Morningstar's recognition of our fund underscores how the experience of our team members and their disciplined approach enables us to produce competitive results in many market environments,” said FTAM President & Chief Investment Officer, E. Keith Wirtz, CFA.

FTAM’s Value Strategy seeks to identify stocks that are statistically cheap, undervalued, and have a positive catalyst. The Fifth Third Multi Cap Value Fund utilizes a variety of valuation disciplines, including potential return analysis, to identify and select undervalued equities throughout the capitalization spectrum. Our portfolio managers believe that diversification and flexibility, which comes from investing in the most attractive segments, will enhance returns. "We are contrarians. We know that companies go through a lifecycle and that investors tend to accentuate the positive and shy away from the negative. That gives us the opportunity to buy pessimism and sell optimism, which is very hard for the average investor to do," adds Klein. FTAM's Value Team is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

FTAM is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor and an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Fifth Third Bancorp. FTAM is a diversified asset management firm providing investment advisory services to institutional investors, private accounts, and mutual funds offering value, growth, core, and quantitative equity strategies as well as short-term, intermediate, and core fixed income strategies. Through teams of experienced and knowledgeable investment professionals, advanced research resources and a disciplined approach, FTAM’s goal is to produce superior, long-term investment results and client satisfaction.

The firm is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and New York, New York. As of December 31, 2006 FTAM had over $21.8 billion in assets under management.