Fifth Third Bank

Teach Children to Save

ABA's Teach Children to SaveFifth Third Bank’s financial empowerment programming includes the American Bankers Association’s Teach Children to Save (TCTS) program for eighth-grade students.

TCTS is a signature program of the ABA Education Foundation, which engages bankers to help kids develop a lifelong savings habit. Fifth Third Bank employees deliver the Teach Children to Save curriculum to students. Beyond the classroom, the Bank offers Financial Empowerment Days at select schools for teachers, parents and students.

TCTS augments the Bank’s financial empowerment strategy, which evolved from a foundational belief that knowledge about finances and access to appropriate financial services are essential to an individual’s ability to make good decisions and achieve personal goals. The Bank’s mission is to financially empower students at all grade levels with special emphasis on the grades in which students are most likely to have a proficiency test (third-, fifth-, eighth-, and eleventh-grade).

The Teach Children to Save program underscores good financial practices and facilitates an understanding of the economic world. It emphasizes saving money and delaying gratification to help pre-teens appreciate the value of hard work and sacrifice.