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Program for Teens: Student Testimonials

"I love the financial class! I never have been one to know much about finances but I find it interesting and I want to know more. It has made me realize the importance of knowing how to use your money wisely. Your finances are a big part of your life, and your attitude about your career largely depends on how your finances are in your life. Also, your family life depends on how you manage your money. From this class, I have learned that to be financially fit, it takes a lot of discipline and responsibility. For example, I know now that every penny you spend or make depends on your future. Dave Ramsey is wonderful! Thank you, Fifth Third Bank, for making this course available to us."

--Joanne, 11th grade

"I am really enjoying this financial class. This is, by far, my favorite high school class to date. I was already very interested in the subject but this helped me to understand it better and gives a basic overview of everything I might need in the future. Thanks to everyone that made this possible."
--Zecheriah, 12th grade

"I am really enjoying taking this financial program. Dave Ramsey has really helped me to know how and what to prepare for in life, and also given me the step-by-step process to living my life well. Thank you, Dave Ramsey, for taking the time to teach us, and thank you Fifth Third Bank, for giving me this great opportunity."

--Sharney, 11th grade

"This financial class has been very beneficial to me. I have learned the steps to one day reaching a level of financial success. Dave Ramsey has a teacher's heart, and because of that, he has inspired me to make financial changes in my life now. There is information about saving and investing that will greatly influence my future. If I was not given the opportunity to take this class, and learn from a very wise teacher, then it could have had a negative effect on my life. Dave Ramsey laid out the steps to becoming prosperous. I consider it a privilege to have had this experience. Thank you, Fifth Third Bank."

--Abigail, 11th grade

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