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"Thank you for taking time out from your job to come teach us. When you first came it was fun when had to choose our own stock and record it. At first I didn't know what a stock was until you told us. I really thought money came from trees. I loved the part when we wrote our own checks. To get money you have to do chores to get what you need NOT want. Thank you for the field trip. I am so grateful and happy that we were one of the schools to get picked. In conclusion, it was fun having you here."

--Taylor, Detroit, MI

"Hello. I am going to speak about my experience in the Young Bankers Club. I have learned so many things but the most important thing that I have learned is how to take care of my money and how to use it properly. Now that I know these things I can make deposits and cash checks. Now I can think about my future and the goals that will help me achieve my dreams.

I would like to thank my leader, Rob. He's a great leader. I would also like to thank Young Bankers because now that I know these things I can be a better man with a good job and a good house. I wish and hope I can be like them someday.

I would also like to thank Young Bankers for the field trips we went on. I'm not only thankful for the people that came to my school but thankful for the memories I now have. Now that I know how to cash checks and make deposits, I would like to say that it was my pleasure to participate in the Young Bankers Club. I wish the Young Bankers could be with us next year but there are still more kids who need to know all the things I have learned and I tell you again I wish I could be like my leader someday."

--Jesse, Cincinnati, OH

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